A graduation ceremony was held at Cabinet Room on Thursday September 28th for thirty Public Servants who recently completed the Graduate Development Programme (GDP).

The GDP lasted six months (April – September 2019) and was an initiative of the training department of the Service Commissions Department.

The programme which was conducted at the Service Commissions Department, twice a week saw seven face to face modules being covered. Public servants from various ministries and departments were exposed to a range of aspects within the service such as: Introduction: the Role and Functions of the Public Service, Public Sector, Change Management and Financial Management within the Public Sector among others.

The most outstanding participants were: Royvaniqiue Adams of the Ministry of Tourism, Dwayne Hamilton from the Ministry of Health, Keisha Hackshaw from the Ministry of Education, Tonya Martin of the Service Commissions Department and Jennisse Browne St. Phillip of the Agency for Public Information.



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