Persons and businesses here who have been delinquent in paying their taxes, and have accumulated a lot of arrears, are being encouraged to take full advantage of the tax amnesty being offered by the government.

This tax amnesty which commenced on February 15 and ends on May 15, 2018, is being administered by the Inland Revenue Department (IRD).

The amnesty is being provided following revelations by the government that the state is owed approximately three hundred million dollars in taxes, inclusive of interests and penalties.

Judith Marksman, Deputy Comptroller of the Inland Revenue Department, said this tax amnesty will allow tax defaulters to benefit from waivers on their interests and penalties owed.

Speaking today on WEFM’s Morning program, Mrs. Marksman said the onus now, is on tax payers to visit the Inland Revenue Department to regulate their tax affairs.

The Deputy Comptroller of the Inland Revenue Department said the arrears owed dates back to about the year 1998. She explained that tax defaulters can benefit from as much as 100% waiver on their interest and penalties owed.

Meanwhile, Quenella Thomas of the Inland Revenue Department outlined the different rates of waiver that will apply to the different tax types.



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