The SVG Professional Taxi Association is appealling to persons, in particular those living along the water front of the Buccament Bay Beach, to desist from littering.

The appeal came during the Association’s first ever clean-up campaign, which was held on Saturday February 9th on Buccament Bay Beach.

Officially registered on May 2nd 2018, Saturday’s beach clean-up was a collaborative effort between the Association, the National Parks, Rivers and Beaches Authority and the Solid Waste Management Unit.

President of the SVG Professional Taxi Association, Arrington Burgin, told We FM News, that the Buccament Beach clean-up was critical, as the beach was in dire need of cleaning.

Retired teacher Bradley Broker, who is also a member of the Buccament Bay Neighborhood Watch Group, told WE FM News that he was pleased with the initiative, taken by the Association.

And Vice President of the Association, Eli Francis, said the Beach Clean Up was for a worthy cause.



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