The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Human Rights Association, is calling for more recruitment of women with the Local police force.

The Association’s call comes as it joins the Global Community today, in observing International Day to end Violence against women.

In a release, the Association says Vincentian women and girls continue to be beaten, raped, trafficked or killed and in many cases, when the perpetrators are identified, they often seem to “get a slap on the risk”. What is even more alarming is the age of the many victims in relation to incest and other sexual assault matters.

It said there is also need to highlight attitudes that condone, tolerate, excuse and even ignore Violence committed generally, but more specifically those against women and girls; society’s nurterers.

As part of the Commission, established and mandated by the Government – to address issues impacting women and girls in the Vincentian society.

In this regard it will be hosting 16 days of activities from November 25th to December 10th on the theme “The end to incest and rape in the Vincentian society”.



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