The St.Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) Consulate in New York will be providing a temporary Satellite Office to extend its services to Vincentians living in Brooklyn.

Consul General Rondy McIntosh says the aim is to reach those Vincentians who are unable to access the consulate’s services simply because of their busy schedule and or working hours.

“We thought it best to bring the services of the consulate to the people,” McIntosh said.

The Satellite Office Services opens this Saturday March 25, at the Friends of Crown Heights Educational Centre from 3pm. Among the services being offered are passport renewals, birth and marriage certificate applications, immigration consultations as well as a health fair session.

The Consul General indicated that there are plans to have this setup 2 to 3 times per year in Brooklyn as well as extend it to other cities in the United States with a significant Vincentian population.

Consul General McIntosh also said provisions are being made to have a number of local institutions, notably the National Insurance Services (NIS) meet with the people of the diaspora to explain what packages are available to them.

Brooklyn, New York is estimated to have the largest number of Vincentians outside of SVG.

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