Parents are being encouraged to teach their children the importance of taking proper care of the resources they take to school, and also of the furniture and other equipment provided in schools for their benefit.

This admonition comes from a Representative of the Ministry of Education, Mr. Dixon Findlay in his remarks at the 2017 FLOW Scholarship Awards ceremony held yesterday at Frenches House.

Mr. Findlay explained that Section 145 of the Education Act outlines the consequences of damaging any property in school such as furniture.

He said students under the age of 15 years can be fined up to $500 if convicted for damaging school property, and those over 16 years can be imprisoned for three months, fined $500 or be both fined and confined.

Mr. Findlay said the Ministry of Education continues to invest hundreds of dollars each year to replace and repair school furniture.

Mr. Findlay’s comment comes in wake of a video shared on social media showing students of a school here destroying furniture at the end of a school term.

That video has led to many persons voicing their opinions and concerns about the lack of appreciation shown by some students for school resources including, the furniture.



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