Opposition Senator Kay Bacchus-Baptiste says that her ordination as a “Minister of the Gospel” does not prevent her from being a candidate in elections.

Last week, Bacchus-Baptiste is said to have posted to social media a photograph of a certificate, showing that she was on December 30, 2018, “ordained as Minister of the Gospel”.

After the post, persons began asking if the senator was opting out of politics, claiming that her ordination prevents her from becoming an election candidate.

According to iWitness News, Bacchus-Baptiste stated that there are no implications and that the law is very clear. You have to be a fulltime pastor before it could ever apply. That has to be your principal occupation.

She added that persons were “quoting a little part of the law that says a minister of religion and she is not a minister of religion.”

However, Bacchus-Baptiste said that she has been given an honorary title by Chebar Evangelical Assembly Inc., headed by Pastor Lemmew Myers, for the work she has done with that assembly over the years.



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