An appeal has been made for persons here to seriously consider purchasing sand made from rabacca, for use in the construction houses and other buildings.

Minister of Transport, Works, Urban Development, Local Government and Postal Services, Julian Francis noted that over the years many persons would have used bay sand to carry out construction work; however the Brighton mining area, where many persons sourced materials for construction, has been closed, because that area is susceptible to flooding.

In his contribution to the debate in Parliament last Wednesday on the 2018 Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure, Minister Francis said there has been importation of sand in this country previously, however he pointed out that this is an expensive exercise.

He explained that sand can be produced from the rabacca available in this country, hence he is urging persons looking to construct, to utilize the sand made from rabacca.

Minister Francis noted that if we are to depend on the importation of sand for construction use, this would be expensive and would result in an increase in the cost of sand as well as construction costs.



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