The Ministry of Health, Wellness, and the Environment’s Nutrition Unit recently hosted its 2nd annual Secondary School Symposium and Quiz, advocating for the promotion of healthy lifestyles with the theme “Healthy Eating, Active Living: Reap what you Sow, Eating Local is The Way to Go.”

The event saw enthusiastic participation from various schools, with students engaging in discussions and activities centered around fostering nutritious dietary habits and encouraging physical activity.

Amidst the spirited atmosphere, accolades were bestowed upon the top-performing teams.

1. St. Vincent Boys Grammar School claimed the coveted first place, with Richard James and Isiah Toney emerging as the victors.

2. The Bequia Community High School secured second place, with Lorensia Billingy and Paul Liver demonstrating commendable prowess.

3. Thomas Saunders Secondary School clinched third place, represented by Timisha Scott and Jomya Francis.

The event not only celebrated academic achievement but also underscored the importance of instilling healthy habits from a young age, and promoting a culture of wellness within educational institutions.

Taiwan National Day Celebration


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