The Government of SVG has declared Friday January 22nd and Monday January 25th, 2021 as public holidays.

 It is customary for Vincentians to engage in different social events and activities on public holidays. However, inlight of the current rise in COVID -19 cases and the need for physical distancing and social hygiene; the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force has encouraged citizens to exercise restraint and stay at home as far as possible over the long extended weekend of January 22nd -25th, 2021.

The RSVGPF would be conducting strategic and targeted patrols to ensure the following:

  1. No playing of amplified music in public or private places
  2. No mass gatherings of persons on beaches, or other social events including; river cooks and picnics.
  3. Social and physical distancing are being practiced
  4. Motorists and commuters are adhering to the protocols with regards to public transportation and; the number of passengers riding in omnibuses
  5. No boat rides and excursions
  6. Quarantined persons remain at their designated places of confinement at all times.


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