The Public Health Department is appealing to persons desirous of slaughtering food animals for human consumption, to ensure that they obtain a valid Food Handlers Certificate.

In a release, the department said pursuant of the Public Health Act No.9 of 1977, no person shall sell or expose for sale, or bring into any market or have in his possession any meat for man, in a tainted, adulterated, diseased or unwholesome state, or which is not fit for food.

It further said that the dressing of carcass should be done under hygienic conditions i.e. (in a manner approved by the department).

Persons must also ensure that meat must not be exposed to direct elements of the weather such as the sun and rain, and should also be protected against contaminants dust, flies etc.

The Public Health Department also said meat that is being offered for sale that was not inspected by a health officer, or which have not met the requirements of will be subjected to condemnation.

Persons are encouraged contact the Environmental Health Officer for their district, or the Public Health Department by 16th December, 2019, for the information on the requirements for slaughtering.



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