Project Director on SVG’s Geothermal Development project, Ellsworth Dacon, during a discussion concerning the future of geothermal in the country addressed the possibility Geothermal Energy being tapped in the future.

“There are systems, closed loop systems that do not require permeability, there are emerging technologies that demonstrate that that is possible and there enhanced geothermal systems that are in existence without the use of permeability.

So we are speaking to some companies that have looked at the data, we have shared the data that we have had from drilling, from before and during drilling.”

Mr. Dacon said that the companies had reviewed the information provided and determined and it was still possible for geothermal energy to be tapped in SVG.

“They have come back with confidence that we should be able to develop beyond a 10 megawatt, I mean one company has even said that they would be able to enhance up to 20 megawatts, so I want to be cautious in saying that it is possible based on the statements from the companies we have had conversations with and we are proceeding on that basis.”



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