There has been a significant increase in the prize monies awarded to participants in the Ragga Soca and Soca monarch competitions.

This was announced by the Chairman of Carnival Development Corporation (CDC) Ricardo Adams at a press conference held earlier today Thursday June 20th.

The increases will see the first-place competitors of the Ragga Soca monarch and Soca monarch events take home $30,000 and $60,000 respectively. Mr. Adams noted there were also increases for those in the second, third and fourth place positions.

“We’ve increased the appearance fees for the Ragga Soca monarch and the first prize has gone to $30,000 which now brings it in line with calypso. The second prize has gone to $15,000, the third prize to $10,000, and—one of the disparities with the Ragga Soca monarch, it was the only musical competition that did not have a fourth place, and so, we have introduced a fourth-place prize for Ragga Soca monarch this year of $7,500” Mr. Adams said.

Mr. Adams then spoke of the increases applied to the prize money of the Soca monarch event.

The first place is now $60,000 in cash for the Soca Monarch. Now what we what we did previously was $25,000 and a vehicle to the tune of like a Swift or something along those lines.  What we’ve done is we recognize that there are a number of people who perhaps would prefer a straight up cash prize and so the cash prize this year for the first place is $60,000.

The second place moves to $30,000. The third place $15,000. The fourth place $10,000.” The CDC’s Chairman said.

Tickets for Soca Monarch 2024 will be available starting tomorrow, Friday, June 21, 2024. Early bird tickets are priced at $40. Additionally, there is a new option called the crew package, allowing groups of 20 people to purchase tickets at the early bird rate of $30 each.

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