Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley yesterday reiterated his concern that Trinidad and Tobago nationals were living well above their means as the oil-rich twin island republic deals with an economic downturn occasioned by a decline in oil prices on the global market.

Rowley, speaking on television said that since coming to office in September last year, his administration has had to deal with the situation by reducing expenditure significantly.

“We have serious debt issues and borrowing issues, you have seen us coming to the Parliament to life the ceilings so that government can continue to borrow to fund,” he said telling viewers that “given to what has happened to us as a country we are currently living well above our means”.

Rowley again promised public servants that the billions of dollars in arrears owed to them as a result of the agreement signed with the last government prior to the September 7th, 2015 general election could be paid, hopefully by the start of June.



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