Prime Minister, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, has called on Caribbean governments and regional credit unions to loudly condemn US President Donald Trump’s reversal of recent positive advances in US-Cuba relations started by his predecessor Barack Obama.

Dr. Gonsalves also calls for the Caribbean region, as a whole, to resist the latest attempts to wrest regional support for intervention in the internal affairs of Venezuela.

He issued the calls while addressing the opening ceremony in Cuba of the just-ended 60th annual international convention of the Caribbean Confederation of Credit Unions (CCCU).

Addressing 485 delegates from 16 Caribbean territories at the Memories Varadero Beach Resort one day after President Trump announced a complete cancellation of all the measures taken by Obama to improve trade, travel and people-to-people ties between the US and Cuba, Prime Minister Gonsalves called on the region’s governments and credit unions to take a page from history both to resist and reject Washington’s latest anti-Cuba moves.

“What President Trump has done is to undo the baby steps taken by President Obama to improve ties between the US and Cuba after 50 years of failed US policy against Havana,” he said.

“These steps are seeking to revive the ghost of the Cold War in the Caribbean, and it will be well for the region’s credit unions to also condemn this very loudly,” he added.



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