Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves is calling on persons here to exercise a greater level of restraint, when conflicts arise.

His comment came in light of a recent spate of killings that resulted in the deaths of at least three persons over the weekend, and an additional two last evening, pushing the homicide count here for this year to 30.

Speaking on the Shakeup program here on WEFM yesterday, Prime Minister Gonsalves acknowledged that there are a number of measures relating to security that have to be ramped up at a national level by law enforcement authorities.

However, he pointed out that while some of the killings that have been occurring here are related to drugs and other nefarious activities, others are as a result of persons simply not being able to solve their problems peacefully.

Dr. Gonsalves, who is also the Minister responsible for National Security, said that at the heart of the crime situation here, is the ease with which persons are able to obtain guns and ammunition illegally.

He noted that not every time there is a killing he has to respond, but pointed out that a lot of resources are being spent on improving the skills and capability of the local police.

Prime Minister Gonsalves law enforcement officials here are also cooperating with regional and international agencies in addressing the issue of crime and security.



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