Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Ralph Gonsalves while speaking on radio on Sunday announced a new Pre-Medical Sciences program for those wishing to pursue a career in nursing.

“A new program is going to be instituted, called a premedical sciences program. The reason for this, the persons who have six, eight or ten CXC subjects, some have associate degrees in some kind or another but may not have had, because of the secondary school they came from or their early inclination, didn’t do the chemistry or physics or might have human and social biology rather than biology and they need they need their strengthening mathematics.

We’re doing premedical sciences program, we’re going to introduce that so that we can bring persons up to speed, to help them for the matriculation into the nursing program we we’ll have a larger pool of persons who can go into nursing, who can go into the pharmaceutical sciences, and other medical sciences, including medicine itself.”



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