Local authorities are investigating the circumstances surrounding the body of an Evesham farmer, which was discovered in a shallow grave on Tuesday October 1st.

In a report, the Criminal Investigations Department told WE FM  News that the body identified as that of 56 year old George Samuel’s was found wrapped in a sheet and was buried behind a house.

The CID says foul play is suspected.

A Preliminary Inquiry into the murder of 40 year old Kenroy Piggy Roberts of Great House/Lowmans Leeward,  will be held on January 6 2020.

Harold ‘Godfrey’ Roberts, a 56-year-old resident of Gunn Hill was arrested and Charged by the Police with murder.

According to an investigation – the accused caused the death of the 40-year-old – a resident of Great House/Campden Park by stabbing him about his chest with a knife”.

The incident occurred at Great House/ Campden Park about 9:30pm on 27 of September 2019.



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