The Royal St.Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force is issuing a warning to the owners of stray animals to have them tied.

The Police force in an official release highlighted the rights of land owners in the instance that they are affected by individuals’ untied livestock:

  • Destroy without undue suffering; any impounded animal found trespassing on his land that caused injury to other animals or plant;
  • Notify the owner of the animal that was destroyed.
  • Have or destroy the carcass within four hours.
  • If the carcass is not removed within four hours, bury it or cause it to be otherwise disposed of in a sanitary manner.

The release further goes on to state that under section 21 (4) that the owner of the land, his servant or any person acting on the owner’s authority will be exonerated from damages to the owner of the animal, for any injury or damage inflicted upon the animal while trespassing.



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