Dr. Ralph Gonsalves

Prime Minister, Dr. Gonsalves is appealing to promoters and organisers of shows and events here, to follow the advisories issued by the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment.

Dr. Gonsalves made the appeal while addressing the spike of COVID-19 or Coronavirus in Barbados, on Star FM’s Morning Scoop today.

“I know that the easterval is off in Union Island, and the Regatta is off in Bequia, but there are some people who will decide to have the usual big parties. You have to be careful about those numbers. Persons will say, well ralph, why you don’t lock them down?  However I will have to go to parliament to get a particular law to do that, or the police can pull the plug by not giving them license for amplified music on their general powers,” said the Prime Minister.

“In our small, free and democratic society, it is always better if people can of their own, say listen, I want to be reasonable, I have to be reasonable under the circumstances. That’s why I gave that advice,” said Dr. Gonsalves.

The Prime Minister is encouraging persons to practice social distancing.

He said although it is especially difficult for persons living in large households to do so, it is important that the necessary adjustments are made.

“We have to the personal distancing…. Phrase, social distancing, because social depends on what is your social situation.

A man in a big house is social distancing, in relation inside of the family, is an entirely different business, than a single mother, living in a two room house, with three or four children, sometimes a grandparent is in one of the rooms. It’s extremely difficult, so ah mean the social situation is different from the other. I am asking that the necessary adjustments be made, but critically, than just be made in the head and every person in his or her situation must be reasonable.



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