Prime Minister Hon. Dr. Gonsalves while speaking on radio yesterday, in response to a question, addressed the removal of vendors at Arnos Vale.

“There are some areas, where persons go and vend. If one or two persons vend there and the place is kept clean and so on, people may shrug their shoulder and say okay even though they’re not supposed to be there it’s tolerable–but when it becomes really, really problematic for a number of reasons.”

Dr. Gonsalves went on to cite sanitation, health and security as reasons for the removal of the vendors.

He said that he would like allocate a space to relocate the vendors nearby their former location.

“If we can get a place, somewhere in the vicinity where we can properly house them.”

Prime Minister Gonsalves highlighted the fact that residents in the area had been complaining about the presence of the vendors for quite some time, a fact which contributed to the decision to have the vendors removed.



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