Dr. Ralph Gonsalves

Prime Minister Hon. Dr.Ralph Gonsalves has extended an invitation to those in need of assistance in gaining electricity at their homes.

Prime Minister Gonsalves made the offer when discussing the importance of bringing children back to the classroom due to the fact that those without access to the necessary commodities such as home internet and computers would be left behind.

He did so on WEFM’s ‘Wake Up’ morning program where he revealed that he had been in talks with several families in difficult situations that would need the government’s assistance in acquiring this utility.

Dr. Gonsalves said he had reached out to the Ministry of Education, and asked them to send him names of less fortunate individuals which he then gave to VINLEC so that they would be able to grant assistance to them.

Prime Minister Gonsalves appealed to listeners of the program that if they or anyone they knew would need this assistance that they should send the name of the parents, children and the location of the family to his email at [email protected].



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