An appeal has been being for persons to practice proper food handling, food safety, and sanitation practices during the upcoming Christmas festivities.

Health Promotion Officer in the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment, Harvey Farrell in an interview with WEFM News this morning, said that during the Christmas season families and friends get together and alot of cooking is done, hence to safeguard the health of all gathered, particularly, the elderly, pregnant women and children, it is imperative that great care be given to food safety and sanitation practices when preparing foods.

Mr. Farrell noted that within such settings there is the possibility for food poisoning to occur, because when persons prepare large quantities of food and leave them lying around at room temperature for extended periods of time, this can encourage the growth of bacteria, which in turn can cause illness in persons.

Mr. Farrell advised that as persons prepare their meals for Christmas, they should ensure that all surfaces and utensils used are clean, and that hands are properly washed regularly and properly.

Mr. Farrell further advised that persons who have a cold or flu should desist from preparing food, however, he said that in cases where such ones have to be involved in the food preparation, they must ensure that they prepare the meal that has to go through cooking since this will help to kill any bacteria transmitted to the food during the preparation phase.




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