Consultant Pediatrician assigned to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, Dr. Mishka Duncan-Adams during the Ministry of Health’s press conference, highlighted signs of Dengue that parents of younger children can look out for.

“I want to speak a little bit about how smaller children may actually manifest signs of Dengue. Now a smaller child who is unable to say that they have a headache or anything like that, may be found to have high fevers, decreased appetite, may  be more irritable than usual. SO you may have a baby that is crying and is non consolable as much as you try to console this child and the appetite would have decreased.

Another thing that they may have besides the high fevers and the irritability would be that rash, so that rash to the body would be a maculopapular rash, is something that is very characteristic of Dengue, they may have joint pain, smaller children you may notice they do not want to walk or lie on the ground because of the joint pain, they are very achy. They may be noticed to be have vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal distension, and bleeding.”



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