The Ministry of Health Wellness and the Environment has revised the regulations for

A release from the Ministry says there will no longer be any group visits, only two (2) persons will be permitted to see a patient at any one time on the general adult wards or on the Pediatric Ward, while one (1) person will be permitted to visit a patient at any one time on the Maternity B ward with a recommended maximum time limit for visits at 10 minutes.

The Ministry says visitors are now required to state the name and ward of the patient he or she would like to visit, present a picture ID at the Security Booth, which will be kept in exchange for a visitor pass to be granted upon entry.

Persons who are ill or who may have been exposed to persons infected with COVID-19 are not allowed to visit the hospital as well as persons who have been in SVG for less than fourteen (14) days.

Also, patients requiring entry to the facility for the purpose of accessing other services, will be expected to show supporting documentation (e.g. prescription, appointment cards, hospital bill, forms for procedures, etc.)

New Visiting Hours are from 3pm to 5pm (the 11am to 12 noon visiting hour slot has been removed)

With all existing restrictions currently in force, the Ministry of Health is appealing to the public to ensure that personal supplies for loved ones are taken to the hospital within visiting hours.



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