It has been a difficult year, emotionally, for the relatives who lost their loved ones in the tragedy at Rock Gutter, on January 12th, 2015.

WEFM News was able to speak with two of the parents who lost a child in the tragic accident.

Gloridene Hoyte-John, the mother of Glenroy Michael, who was a student of the St. Vincent Grammar School at the time of his death at age16, told WEFM News that since the tragedy it has been emotional at times and she often has sleepless nights, however she finds a measure of comfort from the support she receives from family members and friends.

Mrs. Hoyte-John also said that since the tragedy her family has grown closer and they communicate regularly.

Meanwhile, Nelcia Stay, the mother of 15-year-old Chanstacia Stay, whose body has not been recovered since the accident, says the past year was difficult given the painful way that her daughter and the other children’s lives ended, but she finds comfort in prayer, the support of her relatives and friends, and from reflecting on special moments she would have shared with her daughter.

Ms. Stay, who has played a central role in organizing the memorial activities to mark the one year anniversary of the tragedy, said that being involved in the planning of the events, helped to take her mind off the accident.



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