As anticipation grows, for the 2023 launch of panorama dubbed Ivory Soiree, President of the Youlou Pan Movement Rodney Small announced that the event will be live streamed.

Mr. Small who was at the time speaking on WE FM’s Issue At Hand program on Sunday said that the stream will include an interview segment which will provide the viewing audience with insight into preparation process and more of the steel pan bands.

“Breaking news, not even the executive knows about this, because I mentioned it at a meeting with VC3, we’re going to be streaming the panorama launch, so they’re going to be streaming for persons in the Diaspora live next Sunday,” Small said.

He goes on to talk about the interview segment that will be feature on the stream.

“We’re going to have an interview section so after the bands perform, whether the captain, the band leader, or the manager can go and do some interviews so persons can have an idea of what went into the preparation of their performance,” the Youlou Pan Movement’s President said.

Ivory Soiree by the Youlou Pan Movement is slated for this Sunday May 28th at the Victoria Park.

Rodney Small provides details on the livestream of Ivory Soiree the official launch of panorama.
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