Over 300 retirees on Grenada have been paid the outstanding pension and gratuity, which was owed to them by the Government.

Grenada’s Ministry of Finance said EC$44.1 million was paid to the first batch of pensioners. The government anticipates paying EC$75 million to 525 eligible retirees.

“The payment of these long overdue benefits symbolises Government’s dedication to its transformation agenda that seeks to empower its people, make good on commitments to citizens and be transparent in its governance of the country. Importantly, the retroactive payments also demonstrate our ability, as a country, to satisfactorily address our challenges, as difficult as they may be, once we set clear goals and work towards achieving them,” the ministry said in a statement.

 Grenada’s Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Dickon Mitchell, thanked the ministry’s staff for their hard work to ensure the money was paid before November 30, which was a deadline set by the government.

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