Over 2,500 Vincentians are currently receiving income support; this information came from this country’s Minister of Finance Hon. Camillo Gonsalves during Parliament on Monday.

‘In total therefore, 2,596 Vincentians are currently receiving income support through either the displacement supplementary income or the unemployment benefit, these 2,596 Vincentians represent 82 percent of the 3,164 claims that have been filed to date, many of the unpaid claims are awaiting additional supporting documentation while some have been rejected on various grounds.’ Gonsalves said

The Minister went on to provide statistics which stated that 60 percent of the beneficiaries of the two programs are women and 66 percent are under the age of 44.

According to Minister Gonsalves the programs have replaced approximately 30 percent of the beneficiaries’ pre-pandemic wages.



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