The St. Vincent Grammar School (SVGS) was recently the recipient of $5000 worth of agricultural equipment from the One St. Vincent Group (OSV).

According to a release from OSV, the donation is part of OSV’s commitment to supporting education and agriculture, facilitated through the Zero Hunger Trust Fund (ZHTF).

Sales Specialist in the hardware department at OSV Kenley Ward, said that they look forward to this donation developing the potential of the agricultural sector in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Agricultural Science teacher at the St. Vincent Grammar School, Brandon Bique said that the donated drip line irrigation system will greatly reduce the time for students in the morning as they would no longer need a hose to water crops.

OSV’s Marketing Team leader Kimeisha Bailey said the company looks forward to seeing the progress that the students will make with regard to their livestock and crop farms.

She assured that the team will return to educate the students on technological developments in the field of agriculture through live demonstrations of varying farming equipment available at OSV.

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