Operations at the Argyle International Airport (AIA) are said to be progressing gradually with growth and development seen in relation to routes services.

The AIA commenced operations on February 14, this year and since then airlines such as Easy Sky, and Caribbean Airlines have started operations here, with some 50,000 passengers having passed through the airport between the months of February to June, 2017.

Hadley Bourne, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at AIA, in addressing local media representatives at the airport yesterday said that among the positive developments at the airport includes the fact that American Cargo Airlines, Amerijet International is now operating its 767 aircraft via AIA which has a capacity of 110,000 pounds of cargo against the 55,000 pounds of the 727 jets that previously operated at the E.T. Joshua Airport.

Larger shipments of agriculture produce are therefore now being shipped out of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Meanwhile, Winston Wright, Manager of Ground Handling and Cargo Services said another major carrier is looking to begin operating freight services here, and three regional airlines and one South American airline are looking to operate flights out of St. Vincent.



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