One notable absence from this year’s rural carnival celebrations is that of pageants.

Coordinator of Rural Carnival Dillon Morris, during a press conference at the Carnival Development Corporation (CDC)’s conference earlier this week.

Mr. Morris said there were late responses to the organization’s call for contestants in the rural pageants. He said this would not allow enough time for them to adequately prepared, hence the decision was made to not hold rural pageants this year.

“The pageants, basically, we sent out calls for persons to participate and they did not respond in time so we thought that it would not be in the best interest of the whole package to have rural pageants and the persons are not properly trained and organized for the events, so we took a decision not to have any pageants this year.” Mr. Morris said.

He noted that Bequia would have its annual pageant as they received early responses and were able to commence the necessary preparations, with those contestants already taking part in training for the event.

Taiwan National Day Celebration


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