Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves says no exclusive zone is being given to tourism developers in Canouan, after the Maritime Administration on February 2nd, issued a notice to mariners declaring that a no-anchoring or kite surfing zone in the east coast of Canouan and a no-anchoring and swimming zone on L’ance Guyac Bay on the west coast of Canouan.

Head of the Maritime Administration, former Coast Guard Commander, David Robin had indicated that the area seaward of the swim zone remains accessible to local fishing vessels for fishing and related activities in accordance with this nation’s fishing laws, but some residents of Canouan are not please with this recent development.

Speaking on the issue at a press conference this morning, Prime Minister Gonsalves said the declaration was issued to allow for regulation of the seascape, especially in areas where investors are carrying out development.

Dr. Gonsalves noted that similar regulations were issued in relation to the Tobago Cays. He also issued an appeal for the people of Canouan to support the orderly regulatory framework that is being implemented.



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