Dr. Thomas Christopher while appearing as a guest on NBC’s Face to Face program discussed the new equipment that was installed in order better monitor La Soufriere, as well as talk about the unfavorable weather conditions that have had an adverse effect on dome measurements of the new dome.

“We managed to install two more instruments, a continuous GPS station at Fancy. We also installed a seismometer at the trail head of the windward trail, at the start of the windward trail, close to where the buildings are.” Dr. Christopher said.

He then went on to talk about the weather conditions and their adverse effect on the measuring of the new dome.

“We haven’t had a chance to get a dome survey in, because the weather has not been the best. The team went up on Saturday, but the weather was not ideal, they couldn’t see the dome, it was quite rainy, so we didn’t get a chance to scan the dome. It’s been a bit disappointing with regards to dome scans, because the weather has not treated us well for about two weeks, so we haven’t actually had a chance to see the dome.” He said.

Dr. Thomas Christopher said that despite the obstacle that is the weather getting in the way of dome measurements, monitoring of the volcano still continues, the collection of data will continue and the installation of data will continue.



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