Ms. Michelle Forbes, Director of the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO), while speaking on radio last week discussed the preparation of schools in SVG as shelters, assuring the public that this was not due to any particular increase in activity but just standard procedure.

“The Ministry of Education would have had their teachers and their schools on the alert, you know it was really their decision to remind the principals that they need to have these things in place and what we have been doing, there’s a particular unit within the Ministry of Education that we work closely with in terms of declaring the shelter managers.” Forbes said.

She said that as part of the preparation, online training has been taking place in order to get individuals ready for the role of shelter management.

The director went on to assure the public that there is no alarm or raised activity.

“There’s no alarm, there’s no increase in activity, the Ministry of Education is just being proactive in terms of ensuring that their schools are ready to receive persons.” She said

Miss Forbes said that this was also an opportunity for the schools to secure their important documents, as things can be moved around when people are moved into the shelters.



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