The opposition New Democratic Party (NDP) says it will give its formal response next week to the 2016 budgetary estimates put forward in parliament recently by the Unity Labour Party government, which it described as being “illegitimate”.

The NDP said in a press release that all of the party’s parliamentarians, who boycotted this week’s presentation, will make formal responses to the budget and put forward counter proposals as part of their growth agenda.

The opposition said it believes there are better ways of fiscal management, including cutting back wastage and corruption; instituting economic sustainable projects and targeted investments in the productive sectors that could avoid the new set of increased taxes.

The special People’s Public Budgetary Session will take place next Monday and Tuesday from 4:45pm at Frenches House in Kingstown, and the general public particularly the business community, farmers, traders and other sectors are invited to attend.

The sessions will be chaired by Mr. Monty Maule, a businessman, lay preacher and former Speaker of the House of Parliament.



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