The National Omnibus Association (NOBA) said it is seeking to commence a series of workshops with Minibus Operators to address the issue of reckless driving, as soon as possible.

Anthony “Code Red” Bacchus, President of NOBA, said the decision to hold these workshops was made during a meeting with Insurance companies and the Traffic Department to address the issue of reckless driving by some van drivers.

Mr. Bacchus said they will hold a number of meetings with the relevant stakeholders to put measures in place to ensure that the workshops become a reality.

According to NBC News, Mr. Bacchus said that drivers who complete the workshops will be given a certificate and sticker which can be placed on their minibuses so that members of the public can identify the drivers who participated in this safe driving program.

A number of other measures are also being put in place to make the roads safer for motorists and pedestrians.



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