The seven delegates vying for the coveted title of MISS SVG 2017 are excited about the opportunity they have to participate in the inaugural Female Empowerment Campaign being held this year as part of the Pageant.

The “ECGC Empowerment Campaign” seeks to enhance the quality of the pageant while fostering the development of the contestants.

As part of the Campaign, each contestants has chosen an issue that she is passionate about in relation to women and girls here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

WEFM NEWS had an opportunity to interview the contestants during a Meet the Media event at Young Island Resort on Saturday May 13, 2017, and hear from each of them about the issue they have chosen to speak out about.

Jimelle Roberts-Miss FLOW, Contestants Number 6, says she has chosen to address the issue of Education, and its importance for females.

Meanwhile, Crystal Oliver, Miss Jergens, Contestant Number 5, says she has chosen to highlight the negativity surrounding the wearing of natural hair by women of African descent.

Other issues being addressed by the contestants include Feminism, Incest, Women a Woman’s biggest critic, and Circumstances do not make me who I am.



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