The Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment, with support from a broad range of stakeholders is continuing to intensify efforts to control the Aedes Aegypti mosquito in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, as well as the spread of Zika.

Following the first and only confirmed case of the Zika virus here late last month, the Ministry conducted a rapid epidemiological assessment on Union island.

The Health Ministry says testing of samples from patients suspected to have the Zika virus continues, and that to date, 30 samples have been sent to the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) for testing.

Of the 20 which have been returned, one tested positive and 19 negative for Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika. The results of the other 10 samples are yet to be returned.

Epidemiologist in the Ministry, Dr. Rosmond Adams is encouraging Vincentians to continue to examine in and around their properties and to destroy all mosquito breeding sites as we continue to fight against the Zika virus.



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