The Ministry of Education has outlined the recommended amount of instructional time that is to place during online learning. This came via an address from the Minister of Education Hon. Curtis King.

He first addressed the recommended amount of time for primary schools.

“What the Ministry is recommending is that the primary schools will be exposed to two hours of instruction. These two hours will be broken down into half an hour slots and between these half an hour slots you will have 15 minute breaks.”

The education minister then went on to discuss the recommendation for secondary schools in the forms one to three.

“For the secondary schools, the ministry is recommending a three hour day and the form ones to the form threes, they will be exposed to 45 minute periods or slots.”

He then finally disclosed the recommendation for secondary students in the forms four to five.

“The students who are in CXC program from form four to five, the schools are allowed that flexibility to so organize the period to the benefit of the students.” Minister King said.



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