The Ministry of Agriculture is currently implementing project activities related to two projects under the Japan Caribbean Climate Change Partnership (JCCCP).

One project-the Irrigation Capacity Improvement to Improve Climate Resilience among Small Farmers – JCCCP Grant Funding – to the tune of US$191,064.57, aims to enhance farmers’ capacity to meet economic needs through installation of irrigation capacities on and off farm to improve their climate resilience through the adoption of climate smart strategies.

The second project, the Climate Change Adaptation Project for Livestock Production- JCCCP Grant Funding – to the tune of US$55.555.56, seeks to establish mechanisms to tackle declining incomes and livelihoods of farm families due to increased intensity and frequency of the dry period, inadequate irrigation infrastructure and continued use of fossil fuel fertilizers on small farms.

The Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Transformation, Forestry and Fisheries said on its facebook page, that the project will mitigate these issues by constructing small water harvesting systems on small livestock holdings to harvest rain water to be stored for later use.

The project will procure pelletizers to conserve better quality forage for periods of droughts or floods, the provision of resilient tropical breeds of small ruminants that can withstand the variation in temperature and the increase burden of endoparasites.

Additionally, it would install bio digesters on pig farmers’ holdings to convert waste into usable energy for heating and electricity.



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