Minister of Education Hon. Curtis King, while speaking on radio yesterday discussed the various issues with online learning. Two particular issues that he mentioned were the stability of the students’ internet connection and students not logging on for class.

“The challenge we have is that while classes are taking place; the challenges are the consistency of the internet and the very subjective one now, where a number of students are not logging on, and for a number of different reasons.” Minister King said.

The Education Minister then went on to discuss the reasons for students not logging on, ones which he has deemed unacceptable.

“I’m referring to reasons that are not acceptable, for example you find that students are asked to do chores when they’re supposed to be on. So sometimes you would even hear the parents making an excuse that the child had to go down the road to do something or he had to pick up something or he had to do some errand.” He said.

Minister King then made the point that if the child was at school then they would not be available to the parent to the parent to be sent on errands.

During his call he made the appeal to parents and students make the best of the opportunities that have been presented to them during this difficult time.



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