The technical staff and ground crew for the ICC Men’s T20 world cup would account for close to 200 rooms, while cricket teams would account for just about 1,400 rooms over the duration of the games.

This is according to Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Sustainable Development and Culture Carlos James at press conference in front of the Financial Complex on Wednesday.

“The cricket teams would account for about over 1,400 rooms over the duration of the games. There are quite a few games here. Some of the teams will stay on for a five-day interval, some will move and then come back if they’re able to move into the final qualifying round, the Super 8, but we have so far on schedule to see 1,400 or so plus rooms just going to the teams alone, and 200 rooms for technical crew and technical staff who are coming to support whether it’s the teams or the ICC in their preparation for the games.” Minister James said.

The first ICC Men’s T20 Cricket World Cup match is being played today Thursday June 13th, with Bangladesh and The Netherlands facing off.

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