Medical Officer at the Medicinal Cannabis Authority, Dr. Jason Young, while appearing as a guest on VC3’s Roundtable talk discussed patient access to medicinal cannabis and what it entails.

“When we say patient access, we’re talking about patient access to medicinal cannabis. It’s quite involved, some people think it’s just Oh comrade free up the weed, but there’s quite a bit more involved. For example, the main thrust of the patient access regulations is that, patients who need it and can benefit from medicinal cannabis should be to access it.

That cannabis should not be diverted to unauthorized like minors and should not be diverted to the illegal market.”

 Dr. Young mentioned the different components that would be involved in the process.

“In order to do that we had to have authorized physicians, licensed pharmacies, we will need to have authorized pharmacists as well, we’ll need licensed producers and safe product, which means testing and inspection by our inspectorate, so patient gets everybody involved, you have to have the licensing team involved to do due diligence on our licensed manufacturers and you have to have inspectors going around to make sure that standards are met.”



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