British Prime Minister Theresa May is reaching out to opposition parties and other legislators in a battle to keep Brexit on track after surviving a no-confidence vote.

European Union countries are also debating on how to move forward now that the UK Parliament has rejected May’s Brexit deal with the bloc and with the March 29 exit date looming.

Parliament overwhelmingly rejected the deal on Tuesday night, in a crushing defeat for May. Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn immediately called for a no-confidence vote, but May’s government narrowly survived it on Wednesday night.

May invited opposition leaders for talks about how best to avoid leaving the EU without an agreement. But Corbyn has so far declined to meet with May unless she takes the “no-deal” possibility off the table.

EU countries have generally reacted to the Brexit political crisis unfolding in the UK by putting the onus on the British government and its legislators to decide what they want to do.



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