31-year-old man Dwight Taylor is set to spend the next 10 months of his life in prison after he, in a drunken state, beat his own mother about her body and issued death threats towards her.

Chief Magistrate Rechanne Browne had previously been informed on Monday, August 31st, that Dwight Taylor of Redemption Sharpes, had assaulted his 45-year-old mother, Elizabeth Young, causing her actual bodily harm.

He dragged her by her shirt, into the kitchen, having ignored her cries to stop. He kept her in a corner, while he appeared to search for a knife. He found a steel spatula instead and used this to beat Young on her side, and squeeze her neck. 

Taylor told the court on Monday, following the weekend incident, that he wanted to apologize to his mother, and that he didn’t know about it at all and was intoxicated.



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