Male students representing the Kingstown Anglican Primary School, The Lowman’s Leeward Anglican Primary School and the Georgetown Government School, won the top three positions in the 2019 Courts Reading Competition, which was held this morning at the Peace Memorial Hall.

The Kingstown Anglican Primary School topped the 6 other schools, to become the winner in the competition.

Representing the School was Raychad Arrindel, who received a cash prize of 1500 dollars, the winning trophy compliments OSV, a Kindle HD Fire from Searchlight Newspaper, a gift from LG Sales, Books from JuJube, a prize from Medex and an opportunity to read a News Segment on SVG Television. In addition, Arrindel’s School will receive $1000.00

2nd place Winner Jhamari Henry of the Lowman’s Leeward Anglican Primary school, received 750.00, a trophy also from OSV, a gift certificate from LG Sales, an opportunity to read the News on NBC Radio 705 and a prize from Medex, while 3rd place winner Isaiah Toney of the Georgetown Government School received 500 dollars, a trophy from OSV, a gift certificate from LG Sales, a prize from Medex and an opportunity to read the News on WE FM Radio.

The other participating Schools were the Mary Hutchinson Primary School, Leeward District SDA, the Sugar Mill Academy and the St. Mary’s Roman Catholic School.

Each of the Student also received certificate of participation and consolation prizes from Courts St.Vincent.

The winner of the competition, Raychad Arrindel will travel to St. Lucia in February of 2020 to represent St. Vincent and the Grenadines in the Courts OECS Reading Competition, of which St. Lucia is the defending Champion.

The SVG Leg of the Competition was won by the Lodge Village Government School, which was represented by Janiele Stowe.



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