A Spanish migrant aid group is deciding whether to continue its Mediterranean rescue mission after it said its boat was targeted by Libya’s coastguard.

Proactiva Open Arms, one of three groups still operating off Libya, said its boat was in international waters when it was told to head to port in Libya or come under fire.

Libyan officials did not confirm the incident.

However, the navy last week told NGOs to stay away from the Libyan coast.

Since the EU struck a deal last year with Turkey to seal off the migrant route into Greece, the Libyan route to Italy has become a focal point for migrants and people smugglers.

Some 97,000 migrants have reached Italy so far, this year.

Libya extended its own search-and-rescue area into international waters last week and a senior naval official accused the aid groups of pretending to rescue migrants trying to make their way across the Mediterranean to Europe.



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