LIAT 2020 CEO, Hafsah Abdulsalam, announced August as the targeted timeframe for the airline’s resurgence.

Mr. Abdulsalam expressed eagerness to resume operations promptly upon completing the incorporation of ERJ145 jets into their operational specifications.

While currently cleared to fly ATR500s, Abdulsalam emphasized the imminent deployment of jets that have been awaiting action at the airport. Collaborating with the CAA this week aims to swiftly integrate these aircraft into LIAT 2020’s operations.

“We’re open for business as soon as we have that finalized,” he asserted, highlighting the initiation of landing permit applications and plans to offer charter flights immediately, with scheduled operations anticipated to commence before August.

Additionally, LIAT 2020’s CEO outlined the initial employment of approximately 200 staff members and the provision of same-day connections between the northern and southern Caribbean regions.

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