Layou, Largo Height and Strike Force won matches in the National Football Championships.

In the First Division Championship, Layou defeated Hill View 2-0 at the Layou Playing Field after goals by Oryan Velox and Kenyan Joseph.

Also, in the 1st Division Championship, Largo Height beat Pride and Joy 2-1 at the Sion Hill Playing Field. Cordell Theobalds scored twice for Largo Height and Malden Scrubb converted for Pride and Joy.

At the Brighton Playing Field, in the 2nd Division Championship, Strike Force gained a 3-1 victory over 1998 Hillside Rollers.  Dequan Francis, Raeon Bradshaw and Dimari Matthews scored a goal each for Strike Force, while Reginald Payne converted for 1998 Hillside Rollers.



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